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Value Added

Value-added services

  • Expert packaging of your valuable shipments
  • Professional transport services for any type of goods – by road, rail, air or sea
  • Temporal admission and exoneration processing
  • Temporary import clearance and re-export
  • On-site, multi-lingual staff available
  • Status updates during transportation
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Tracking and Tracing of Consignment
  • Day-to-day realistic E-alert on the movement
  • Pre-finance on special negotiation to avoid demurrage

Upon dispatch of the consignment for cross border, a system generated Mail/SMS is sending to the client advising the ETA at the transit(s) and destination. An update to it is sending on a daily basis till the shipment is delivered.

At NETRAC, we even do Market Research and provide the best distribution channels to all our local and International clients with our Global Partnership and Expertise.

We also provide Assistance and Professional Advice on how to go about your Importation/Exportation process, the Documentations involve, Customs Procedures and Favourable Trading Terms to use. If you are a first time Importer/Exporter we recommend that you make use of this housel’s free services.

Our supreme goal of Supply Chain Management is to deliver Effective and Efficient Customer Service with Superior Products and Services. This means ensuring the availability of the right PRODUCT, in the right QUANTITY and the right CONDITION, at the right PLACE, at the right TIME, for the right CUSTOMER, at the right PRICE.


Our payment terms are flexible and can always be negotiated. We are ready to make short and long term contracts and to carry on the aforesaid business activities alone or in alliance with any other person or body corporate incorporated in Cameroon or overseas either under strategic alliance or joint venture or any other arrangements with or without equity participation.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiry or request for quotations/proposal.